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If your family and friends need a bit of perking up when it comes to the holidays, Canyon County Fabrics can help! We have multiple holiday and seasonal prints so you can pick some up and decorate your home or party venue with adorable festiveness!  

Add a personal touch to the holidays

If you're celebrating the holidays with your children, make it an unforgettable one with unique holiday prints and items from Canyon County Fabrics.


Get creative and make items such as bags, pillow covers and shirts. If you're unsure of what to make for the holidays, just ask one of our staff members —  they are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable!

Types of holiday prints we have

• Valentine's Day

• Christmas

• Halloween

• Independence Day

• New Year

• St. Patrick's Day

• Easter

• Thanksgiving  

Put a personal touch on your holiday festivities with holiday prints from Canyon County Fabrics!

Pick up some cute holiday prints today!


Don't have the supplies you need in order to make your special pieces? Check out our sewing supplies!

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